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Brunch- Food meets fashion

Food and fashion go together like tomato and mozzarella. Karen and I hosted the idea of bringing this duo together through a brunch. Because who doesn't love brunchin' it and getting styled by Karen in Worth New York and W by Worth clothes?

Let it be known, women have trouble with commitment. Whether it's changing hair color, switching makeup brands, or simply ordering a menu item, women cannot fully commit. My ideal restaurant would allow me to order half the menu and just provide me a bite or 2 of each item ordered. Men commit to a full meal, but you're lucky if they spare you a bite of their food. Men, understand this concept: women want to try everything on a table whether it's verbally communicated or not. We want it all, but only a bite.

With these thoughts in mind, when I "brunch it," I opt for bites. Enable everyone to pick and choose, but let a woman stray from commitment for the day. Here's to brunchin' it, friends, and a damn good mimosa to cleanse your pallet through it all.




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