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Peach Arugula Crostini

It's just about that dreaded time of year we begin the transition from fresh fruits of summer back to canned fruits. Peaches are one of these fruits for me. They are tasty out of the can atop Greek yogurt or cereal, but damn are they everything you need from a fruit when summer comes around. Peel away their skin and suddenly your fingers are glossy from the juices of this God-given sweet and fuzzy plump.

This appetizer is an easy crowd pleaser for the summer months (May-August). I serve this to occupy guests when entertaining while I continue to prepare dinner. The peaches melt into the mild spread of mascarpone cheese, an Italian cream cheese. Arugula gives the bites texture, color and most importantly, a zesty undertone. A drizzle of honey seals the flavor of the crostini toppings.

Want to add a salty element? Place thinly sliced prosciutto on top of the mascarpone.




For the peaches...

2-4 peaches, skinned and sliced

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

For the crostini...

French baguette, Mascarpone cheese, olive oil, arugula and honey

Skin and slice peaches lengthwise and set aside in a bowl. Add sugar and cinnamon to the peaches. Mix together and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Time permitting, let sit overnight.

Brush the French bread with olive oil and char on grill (about 3 mins each side). Let cool and apply a generous portion of mascarpone cheese. Place peaches on top and then dress with arugula. Drizzle a light shower of honey over the crostinis.

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